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Jack and the Beanstalk

Sound Designer

Jack and the Beanstalk was performed as a part of the Hangar Theatre’s KIDDStuff series. This play is a retelling of the classic, beloved story. 

Jack and the Beanstalk by Marjorie Sokoloff

Director - Sophia Watt

Scenic Design - Matthew B. Kornegay

Lighting Design - Caitlin E. Brown

Sound Design - Tommy Truelsen

Costume Design - Vicky Butler

Photography - Rachel Philipson


In this production, the sound design used music as a way to assist with the storytelling. Original music was composed for the show which created natural breaks between scenes in the script and aimed to evoke the emotion of particular moments in the show in hopes that it would aid in the audience members’ understanding of the story. In this iteration of the classic tale, Jack’s cow manifests herself as a prima-donna opera singer. Part of my role as the sound designer was to give the actress guidance in choosing source material for her singing which was intended to be recognizable operatic music. I looked to arias which have been regularly used in television shows, movies, and commercials. The cow's grand entrance featured her singing along to an orchestral accompaniment of the Habanera aria from Carmen by Bizet.

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Prologue - Tommy Truelsen
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Jack's Theme - Tommy Truelsen
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Journey to the Market - Tommy Truelsen
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Beanstalk Growing - Tommy Truelsen
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Climbing Underscore - Tommy Truelsen
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Diary Underscore - Tommy Truelsen
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I Understand Sound Effect - Tommy Truelsen
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I was inspired by Stephen Sondheim’s usage of recurring themes and sounds for the magic beans in Into the Woods. My goal was to use the same device, with sound effects, as a way to create a connection between recurring ideas such as the idea of understanding, which plays a huge role in Jack’s character arc as we learn about the power of empathy, and the recurring phrases, which are directly tied to the magic beans, which help to teach and mold Jack throughout the show.

Magic Beans Sound Effects - Tommy Truelsen
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Beanstalk Growing

Beanstalk Growing

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Once of the most anticipated moments of any production of Jack and the Beanstalk is the growth of the beanstalk. In this production all design elements worked to create a magical moment that was both eerie and exciting. A layering of a variety of audio samples were used to create this soundscape and reverb was added to the cast to help add a sense of “magic” to this moment and help separate it aurally from the rest of the show.

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