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"Oceans" by Hillsong UNITED

Oceans - Hillsong UNITED; Arrangement by Tommy Truelsen
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Vocals: Katelyn Robinson, Bekah Bass, Brooke Prohaska, and             Tommy Truelsen

Arrangement by Tommy Truelsen

Recording, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering by Tommy Truelsen

This recording was created for use during a virtual worship service at St. John Lutheran Church in Cedar Falls, IA. Recording was accomplished remotely by one of the vocalists, and at separate locations for all of the other vocalists due to COVID-19. All aspects of the project were coordinated and managed by Tommy Truelsen.

Streaming permissions were obtained by St. John Lutheran Church for use in virtual services through CCLI.

If Ye Love Me - Thomas Tallis - Canticum Novum
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If Ye Love Me

This is a recording of "If Ye Love Me" by Thomas Tallis performed by Canticum Novum under the direction of Ben Owen. Canticum Novum is a small community choir in Cedar Falls, IA. In this recording, there are two vocalists per voice part. The Mass of St. Patrick, a monophonic chat based mass, was also recorded during this session, so the director chose to record in a gym located in an old church due to the large amount of natural reverb produced by the room. In an effort to capture the natural reverb, the choir was recorded with a distance miking technique and a spaced stereo microphone pattern. Audacity was used for the recording and editing. One of the biggest challenges of this recording session was minimizing the constant hum produced by something located in the space while still maintaining the desired natural reverb.

Murder in the City - The Avett Brothers - Rachel Bearinger
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Murder in the City

This piece, originally by The Avett Brothers, was performed by Rachel Bearinger and recorded by Tommy Truelsen. The guitar was recorded using a stereo miking technique and the voice was recorded with a separate microphone. The editing process involved adding EQ, reverb, and compression to each track. This song was mixed and edited by Tommy Truelsen using Pro Tools.

Application Video

I filmed and edited this video for Nick Behrends' TWLOHA application. Our filming process consisted of using two different camera angles and a lavalier microphone. Audio was synced to the video footage in post production. Adobe Premiere was used for editing. 

Swarm - Kevin Bobo

This piece was recorded and edited by Tommy Truelsen using a distance, stereo miking technique.

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