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Sound Designer

My main goal as a sound designer is to find a way for my design to help tell the story. Most of the time this goal manifests itself as using music as a storytelling device, but I have also found success in using drones, ambient soundscapes, and other sound effects to help guide the audience through the story auditorily. My background as a musician allows me to think critically about how the music is communicating to the audience and enables me to compose music that creates the specific effect that we want to obtain. I have designed for plays, musicals, theatre for young audiences, and period productions. I have found that my approach to each of these genres of theatre is vastly different.

For more information on what I do, take some time to look at my design portfolio or contact me. 

Assistant Sound Designer


PC: Vicky Butler

As an assistant, I make myself valuable through my musical background and the willingness to learn and grow in my craft. I’m not afraid to try new things and do not hesitate in giving my honest opinion when it is requested. My assisting experience has offered me a wide range of opportunities to use my abilities and help speed the process along as we get the production ready for opening.

Little Women Adaptation by Kate Hamill

Director - Linsay Firman

Scenic Design - Nick Francone

Associate Scenic Design - Angelica Borrero

Lighting Design - Deborah Constantine

Sound Design - Don Tindall

Costume Design - Theresa Squire


Battle Hymn of the Republic - Cast of Little Women
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Simple Gifts - Cast of Little Women
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Piano Playing

Piano Playing

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Little Women

Adaptation by Kate Hamill

I assisted Don Tindall on the Hangar Theatre’s mainstage production of Little Women. My primary task was to work with microphone dressing and make notes on the mix during tech. As a sound team, we made quite a bit of microphone adjustments during tech which primarily consisted of painting the element for color matching. Prior to tech, I programmed the console (Yamaha M7CL-48), along with all of the DCA’s/scenes, using an offline editor.


There is quite a bit of music in this show. My background as a pianist allowed me to take the period hymns and create realistic, midi files, of varying difficulties, for the designer to use during the show.


Due to the amount of music in the show, my role shifted to also encompass the position of piano and vocal music coach. I worked with all of the actors and taught them period versions of “Deck the Hall”, “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, and “Simple Gifts”. I coached the actors to help them create a more realistic motion when miming their piano playing. The actress playing Beth needed to learn how to play the piano for the show. She had no piano experience prior to this production, so I created simplified arrangements of the music for her and taught her how to play the piano in three weeks.

Into the Woods

Adaptation by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine

I assisted Jacqueline Herter on the Hangar Theatre’s mainstage production of Into the Woods. My main task was to program our console (Yamaha M7CL-48) along with all of the DCA’s/scenes, using an offline editor. During tech, I primarily served as an extra ear in the room which enabled me to participate in conversations about sound effects for the show and how to work with the overall mix.


Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine

Director - Michael Barakiva

Scenic Design - Shoko Kambara

Lighting Design - Miriam Nilofa Crowe

Sound Design - Jacqueline Herter

Costume Design - Megan Rutherford

Photography - Rachel Philipson

Sound Designer Jacqueline Herter

Assistant Sound Designer Tommy Truelsen

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