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Looper in Max MSP

In 2017, I designed a live looper in Max MSP in partnership with Sandy Nordahl. This looper was used for a performance of Hildegard of Bingen’s chant “O ignis Spiritus paraciliti” by the University of Northern Iowa Concert Chorale at their Fall 2017 concert. The goal was to record the audience singing a drone which would then be manipulated by various effects such as reverb, chorus, and a triple morphing filter.  During the performance, the original drone was looped and then transformed in various ways while soloists and the soprano section performed the stanzas of the chant. A screenshot of the looper and recording of the performance can be found below.

Below is the recording of the University of Northern Iowa Concert Chorale performing "O ignis Spiritus paraciliti" by Hildegard of Bingen. The live recording of the drone is heard at the beginning and the chant performance immediately follows. Soloists are Lauren Soukup, Dawn Vickers, Emily Phalen, and Taylor Else.

O ignis Spiritu paracliti - Hildegard of Bingen - University of Northern Iowa Concert Chorale
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