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[title of show]

Sound Designer

I served as the sound designer for the University of Northern Iowa Student Theatre Association’s production of [title of show] by Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell under the direction of Arlina Miller. I recorded and edited all of the sound effects for the show, except the cricket and laugh track. These sound effects include, but are not limited to, a horse drawn carriage, a cell phone ringtone, an office phone ringtone, a fog horn, wind, and New York City. Below are some of the dream sequence sound samples as well as a recording of a performance of the dream sequence. The wind effect was created by recording two people making an airy whistle sound. The New York City sound effect was created by splicing together an assortment of original sound samples of vehicles and of ambient large city noise (obtained from New York City, Chicago, and Orlando).

​The show also features voicemail recordings which are played during the blackout transitions between scenes. I worked with the actors to record their voicemails, and I worked with the director and actors to decide where the character would be while making the phone call.  Ambient sounds were added to the recordings to help create a sense of reality for the character and voicemail. Some of the ambient spaces include a subway, a busy street in New York City, a restaurant, and an apartment. The voicemail included below is Susan's voicemail. The actress decided that her character would have made this call while on her lunch break. The ambient sound effect was recorded in UNI's campus dining center. I adjusted the EQ settings in Adobe Audition in order to create the voicemail sound quality.

[title of show] by Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell

Director - Arlina Miller

Props/Scenic Design - Maddie Schmit

Lighting Design - Devin Schupp

Sound Design - Tommy Truelsen

Costume Design - Emily Peck

Hair/Makeup Design - Rumor White and Alexandra Lane

Dream Sequence

Cast of [title of show]:

Jeff - Michael Oasheim

Hunter - Thayne Lamb

Susan - Erika Bailey

Heidi - Zoella Sneed

Wind Sound Effect - Tommy Truelsen and Paige McGrath
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New York City Sound Effect - Tommy Truelsen
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Dream Sequence Performance - Cast of [title of show] by Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell
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Susan's Voicemail - Erika Bailey
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